another source of brilliance

I know the titles here look clickbaity but the content is clever, well researched and very insightful.

For example (on communication in relationships): “The assumption was that if people could give one another feedback, then communication would become clearer and pathology would just vanish. This was a very good idea. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t usually true. In ailing marriages people generally communicate very clearly; but what they communicate is mostly negative… “

Go learn some things here:

Generosity and success

Sometimes the things that will bring you success aren’t what you expect

  1. Proactively share your knowledge and time – people tend to be bad at this, you stand out when you’re generous
  2. Write stuff down – records are our collective memory
  3. Plan to fail often (i know we’ve heard this one before)
  4. Seek negative feedback – get good at asking for constructive criticism, and practise giving it
  5. Say NO to things – protect your boundaries of time and energy
  6. Listen more than you speak – this teaches you a lot, and makes others feel heard. a strong trait of leadership.